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Special Project #3

Comacina Island

Chapter I

Ph. Francesca Iovene


Comacina is a little island of Lake Como. Very close to the shore, it has a perimeter of just 2 kilometers. On a summer day, we get a boat from Ossuccio and after a few minutes we end up in the middle of  nature, immersed in the fresh and quiet atmosphere of the island. The Island is under the responsibility of Brera Academy, which in 1919 has been entrusted with safeguarding its archaeological interest and preserving the landscape. Later, in 1939 the architect Pietro Lingeri built three houses in rationalistic style in order to house artists; the houses fit perfectly well into the context with their shape, material and sizes.
Two out of the three houses are temporarily inhabited for 3 weeks by two young artists: Jan Deboom, a Belgian dancer and performer, and Myriam Pruvot, a French sound artist and composer who lives in Belgium. The Belgian consulate and Fondazione Isola Comacina allowed us to interview both of them, to know their job and visit the two structures during their stay.

Translated by Silvia Niro
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